Screw auto Machine System




Item Description
Dimension – 1050mm(W)*1150mm(D)*1500mm(H)
Screw Driver – Atlas copco driver (toque control)
Working Stage – 410mm(W) * 280mm(D)
Axis – 2Head
– X-Y Ball Screw / Z Ball Screw / AC Servo
– Max Speed : 1,000mm/s
– Max repeatability : ±0.005mm
– Max Accuracy : ±0.02mm
Loading – Conveyor Variable type (250mm~280mm)
– Max Speed : 320mm/s
Option 1 – Vision Camera
Option 2 – 4 FEEDER
Power Input – AC 220V 50/60Hz 15A


JIG Teaching mode provided

Jog Feature implementation

ㆍDetailed teaching possible after loading Dxf file

ㆍSpeed adjustable when moving the axis

ㆍDXF file compatible


Wis CAD Application 

Implementation of Dxf File Load

ㆍSimple load of fastening points using 2D CAD system

ㆍSimple fastening using upper vision after teaching


Check the defect rate 

Check work defect rate

ㆍCheck the defect rate of each point by set

ㆍHelp improve production quality


Vision System

Main function

ㆍAutomatic calibration of fastening hole

ㆍCalibration of set distortion after 2-point vision teaching

ㆍPossible to maintain gap via pattern recognition

ㆍSimple inspection in Preview


Additional feature

ㆍRecognizing corners to calibrate the origin position