Battery Non-destructive Inspection System




Application Expectation Effectiveness

Equipment measuring welding strength

for a cylindrical secondary battery


By non-destructively filtering the negative electrode weak welding that

occurs during the manufacturing process, thus preventing leakage,

product quality can be improved, and when applied to the manufacturing process,

the weak welding can be maximally suppressed to achieve process optimization.


Equipment for measuring pouch-type

secondary battery welding strength


Measuring welding strength of + and – pole multi-tap and

filtering out defective cells to secure product quality and stability.

When applied to the line, the welding status of the product can be checked

in real time and the welding point can be monitored to maintain the optimum condition.


Equipment for inspecting pouch-type

secondary battery electrode breakage


Measuring non-destructively and accurately electrode breakage that

occurs in the manufacturing process and filtering breakage products to

secure product reliability and stability.

In addition, it can be linked to the manufacturing process to monitor the

disconnection, which can help reduce the losses due to disconnection defects.


Equipment for monitoring raw material

thickness and property


Raw materials can be monitored in real time in their thickness and electrode properties,

which can minimize manufacturing losses due to changes in raw materials.


Case of application

Cylindrical electrode welding inspection


Pouch type electrode welding inspection


Pouch type electrode disconnection inspection


AL-CU Thickness inspection


Case of measuring the welding strength of a secondary battery and electrode crack