Data Logger



In terms of data collection and management, it is possible to identify and deal with the cause of a serious accident or machine/equipment failure through pre-inspection before it occurs in an industrial site. Managers accumulate useful data to identify which facilities are malfunctioning in which locations and streamline future troubleshooting processes.


Input Power DC 8 ~ 32V

and control


LAN Communication 100 Base-T 1port
RS485 Communication / 1 Port( Up to 14 ID [Address] You can set it up)
I2C Communication 2 Ports : 3V Output

(5V Option : You can adjust it by changing the resistance)

SPI Communication 1 Port (Option : Digital Output 4 Ports)
Digital Input 4 Channel (DC 5~24V)
Analog Input – 4 Channel (Select Jumper)
– Current : 4~20mA, Voltage : 0~5V Input
K-Type  Temperature sensor 2 Ports(Cold Junction Compensation)

Built-in compensation circuit within ±3°C (room temperature: within ±2°C)

· Smart factory, facility control and monitoring ICT interface
· Simple MES configuration through sensing network configuration



· Data Logging System Configuration