Dispensing & Bonding Inspection System




Item Description
Dimension – 850mm(W)*1200mm(D)*1600mm(H)
Dispenser – Apply customer needs / (Screw Pump, Air Pulse, Jetting)
Working Stage – 300mm(W)*350mm(D)

– 1Head / (2Head Applicable)

– X-Y Ball Screw / Z Ball Screw / AC Servo

– Max Speed : 1,000mm/s

– Max Repeatibility : ±0.002mm

– Max Accuracy : ±0.01mm


– Conveyor Variable Type (150mm~400mm)

– Max Speed : 320mm/s

Option 1 – Vision Camera, Weight Scale, Height Sensor
Option 2 – Needle Cleaning, Purge, Heating Plate
Power Input – AC 220V 50/60Hz 15A

ㆍQuantitative dispensing feature
ㆍPrecise dispensing height control 

ㆍDesign creation methods provided (2D CAD, Cam View, List)

ㆍDXF file compatible


ㆍProtocol reflected to be compatible with various types of dispenser tools


ㆍPosition correction by recognizing corners


ㆍAutomatic nozzle calibration feature applied (automatic calibration for nozzle, laser sensor, camera)


Wis CAD Application

Implementation of Drag and Play

ㆍPossible to have the device recognize the design pattern using 2D CAD system and teach robot motion
ㆍSketch in the equipment UI to create an application pattern
ㆍApply DXF compatibility 

Multi Tool Interface

Securing libraries and standardization

ㆍBy reflecting compatibility with various types of dispenser tools in the protocol
ㆍModularization and simplification are implemented so that users can easily select and apply them


Vision System

Main function

ㆍX-Y Align & Edge & height calibration

ㆍNozzle automatic calibration feature applied (automatic calibration for nozzle, laser sensor and camera)

ㆍPattern recognition and gap maintenance possible

ㆍSimple inspection in Preview


Additional function

ㆍAutomatic position correction function by recognizing the edge