Signal Logger



It detects minute changes in electrical signals to perform diagnostic tests such as facility diagnosis, safety diagnosis, welding diagnosis, and secondary battery diagnosis. It also attaches an IoT sensor to facilities, buildings, and devices to monitor transient phenomena such as device over-current and over-vibration in real time. It can use big data to expand its scope of coverage to IoT-based process management and energy management.


Input Power DC 12 ~ 32V
Specification Signal processing DSP / FPGA(8ns)
– Transmission of 1 frame (8KB) per 50 msec (reception criteria)
Communication LAN(100Mb)

– Input range [Amp] : 0 ~ ±40V (BNC Type)
– Measurement range [Time] : 1 μsec ~ 1 sec
– Input impedience : 1 Mohm
– Oscilloscope Probe can be used (Input impedence below 1Mohm, 100MHz)

Signal analysis
+ Sampling frequency: Max 40Msp/s [based on channel 1]

Interface RS-232C(CAL Function)
DIO : Isolation Input/Output X 4(5V ~ 24V)
Function Independent trigger feature by channel  
Screen Zoom feature (X: 10 DIV, Y: 10 DIV)
API function

Application of smart factory, facilities and precision measurement of equipment  

It is equipped with a simple scope that provides a multi-channel independent trigger function and a firmware that can collect signal data.

It provides the Trigger Mode Signal Logger and Demo Library, so that a predictive maintenance system based on the original signal high-speed processing of big data and edge computing, which is a major issue in the smart factory industry, can be built reasonably and economically.

Application field

Provide compatibility of various interfaces suitable for high-speed signal processing environment in IoT-related business fields such as Smart Factory/Building/City

Provide a system linking with government agencies, large corporations and SI companies in connection with IoT business

Provide resources for diagnostic equipment, telecommunication service providers, SI solutions and big data companies


Expected effects

Easy in edge computing of big data such as IoT-based factories/construction/farms

Possible to introduce Smart – System at a low price – Increase productivity and recruit manpower for new business sectors

Module unit and systemization are expected to contribute to overseas exports – Domestic development and stabilization are expected to contribute to overseas promotion and export

Production cost reduction effect – If deep learning analysis is provided to big data, predictive maintenance can be made possible through normal operation of facilities, deterioration progress, and trend monitoring, leading to maximization of opportunity costs


Signal Logger TCP/IP & Measuring Setup

Signal Logger Data Base Monitor

Running Status & Alarm Monitor