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Signal Logger



It detects minute changes in electrical signals to perform diagnostic tests such as facility diagnosis, safety diagnosis, welding diagnosis, and secondary battery diagnosis. It also attaches an IoT sensor to facilities, buildings, and devices to monitor transient phenomena such as device over-current and over-vibration in real time. It can use big data to expand its scope of coverage to IoT-based process management and energy management.


Data Logger



In terms of data collection and management, it is possible to identify and deal with the cause of a serious accident or machine/equipment failure through pre-inspection before it occurs in an industrial site. Managers accumulate useful data to identify which facilities are malfunctioning in which locations and streamline future troubleshooting processes.


Wired / Wireless Repeater



Based on the Linux operating system, along with features such as TCP/IP, SERVER/CLIENT/MQTT settings and Ethernet/USB/485 Master/Slave extension, the wired/wireless repeater is provided with wireless 447MHZ/900MHZ and wired network connection firmware. So you can choose what fits into your application among these options.


Sensor Node